“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” – Ansel Adams

With the exponential growth of digital photography, from cell phones to point and shoot cameras to sophisticated digital single-lens reflex cameras, nearly everyone has some capability to take photos. But, as Ansel Adams said, taking the photograph isn’t enough. It takes far more than pointing the camera and pushing a button to make a photograph. I have been a student of photography for many years and continue to learn. Having the right equipment is a necessity but, even more important, is knowing how to use that equipment, having the experience and creativity to see and use the light, working cooperatively with people…. all these combine to produce quality memorable images.

I live and work in eastern Pennsylvania. I have traveled across the United States and abroad to capture images. I am an active member of the Berks Photographic Society and enjoy sharing my knowledge and learning from others. I’m still working to improve my craft.

It is very rewarding to give people images that hold a special place in their hearts…images that will bring memories for years to come.